Review : Gargle ‘Looming’ (Clinical Archives)

Posted: March 24, 2011 in Free Download, Reviews

Gargle of Tokyo, Japan comprise Jun Minowa (guitar & glockenspiel) and Satoshi Ikeda (accordian & programming).  Minowa also records piano-led pieces as Yawning, but as Gargle the instrumental style is far more dynamic and cinematic.  The ‘Looming Ep‘, at just four tracks long and issued through Clinical Archives, is an inspiring release, encapsulating everything that can make netaudio music so wonderful.  The proverbial needle in the haystack, the pearl at the bottom of the ocean or the diamond amidst the rough stone, Gargle have constructed a record that deserves attention.  Mixing mournful, almost vaudvillian orchestration with shimmering guitar deftly placed along with intricate, origami-sized chimes, ‘Looming‘ runs like a Yann Tiersen or Hungry Ghosts record, filtered through Japanese cultural aesthetics.

This blog hopes to serve as a guide, one which picks throught the masses of electronic debris and mountains of wallpaper ambient and dull drone so prevalent in the Netlabel scene to bring you music that makes the difference.  Gargle are the real deal and come with my highest recommendation.  This is netaudio at it’s most unique.

Gargle is a duo band based in Tokyo, Japan.  The band consists of a guitar, an accordion and a sampler, also invites some string players at recordings.  The band offers instrumental music combining mixed emotions and trying to express a gleam of light in the darkness.  Our “Looming Ep” was released in Dec 2007 in japan (physical),  and on Clinical Archives of Russia in Apr 2009 (digital).  At our live shows we use huge range of dynamics to express our feelings.

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