One To Watch: An Emerald City

Posted: March 27, 2011 in One To Watch

Think Post-Rock is a tired and bloated genre? Think again, because no-one thought to tell this forward-thinking Berlin via New Zealand-based group. An Emerald City have fashioned an impressive, engaging sound that sees them avoiding the well trodden post-rock paths.

Though there’s a hint of Grails in their sound, this quintet should avoid lazy comparisons with their use of Middle Eastern instrumentation such as sitar, tablas and long-necked flute that engages with a guitar/bass/drum template so seamlessly. Songs are celebratory in feel, containing an aura of Ceilidh-like festivities or perhaps Jewish folk, though they also capture a similar apocalyptic edge to the aforementioned Grails or even Godspeed You Black Emperor. An Emerald City are cathartic, exciting, eclectic and downright excellent. Easily one of the most progressive instrumental bands I’ve heard in some time.  Key Track : ‘Mull Pasha’


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