Stray Ghost and Eugene Robinson of Oxbow Collaborate

Posted: March 29, 2011 in News + Reviews
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Details are sketchy to say the least about Stranger By Starlight a collaborative marriage made in heaven (or should that be hell?) between Stray Ghost and Eugene Robinson.   Stray Ghost, or Ant Saggers as he’s known to family and friends, is a musician operating in and around the ambient and drone fields,  which I know fairly well, having released his ‘House of Gold and Oak’ composition on my old label.  He’s also responsible for the monolithic 75+ minute ‘Losthilde’ on Highpoint Lowlife,  its sequel ‘Nothing But Death‘ and the beautiful Each Paradise Is A Lost Paradise‘ EP on Hidden Shoal Recordings.

Euegene Robinson, on the other hand, is a writer, poet, combat enthusiast and provocative frontman for legendary San Fransisco avant-rock collective Oxbow, who according to their website claim to be ‘the last aural will and testament of failed humanity…’.

How this collaboration came to be is unknown, but ‘Chalk White Nights‘ has a real Chandler-esque noir feel to it, undoubtedly Saggers’ work, along with a skipping percussive beat that reminds of a more sinister version of UNKLE track ‘Rabbit In Your Headlights‘ (or more accurately Talk Talk’s ‘New Grass‘, from which James Lavelle sampled the percussion).  If that’s not enough, Robinson sounds suitably dangerous half-mumbling a monologue where the word ‘beautiful’ crops up very frequently’ ratcheting the tension considerably.  Eerily cool, somebody please find these guys a label.

Hello everyone, It’s Anthony (Stray Ghost) here…
As some of you may already know I’ve been working on a collaborative album with Eugene Robinson (Oxbow) for quite some time now; but it is finally finished and is on it’s way to finding a label now.
So this seems like the perfect time to show off a piece of music from the forthcoming album, which will be titled “Chalk White Nights”
I’ll post some news as it comes through.

  1. Anthony says:

    Hello there Micky, this was a nice surprise.

    Details are indeed fairly sketchy at the moment, the definite news though is that we have an entire album finished; which I’ve been working on for over a year now, nearly two in fact…and which is sitting with some record labels as we speak.
    So wish us luck, because it’s hard work convincing a label to spend money on something which no-one buys anymore.
    Once we have the label, then we move on to you guys being able to hear the whole thing, and maybe come and see us live.
    I’ll keep you posted.
    All the best.

  2. phantomchannel says:

    Hi Ant,

    please do keep me posted and good luck with label search. I think more than a few people will be interested in this collaboration. I’ll be happy to help spread any news, tracks, videos etc on here.

    Have you tried Denovali, they’re German-based and do really lovely limited edition vinyl releases that have immense packaging?

  3. phantomchannel says:

    Also, it might be helpful if any visitors to this site leave suggestion(s) for labels in the comments below

  4. […] spoken of Stray Ghost before, mainly about his collaboration with Eugene Robinson of Oxbow fame, but his 2008 LP ‘Losthilde’ is the focus of this older review.  This monumental […]

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