The Organ Offer Up Thoughts On The New Vessels Record + BBC 6 Music Session and MP3

Posted: March 30, 2011 in News + Reviews
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Interesting thoughts from one of my favourite web-based zines (though I wish they’d bring back the paper edition!) The Organ, on the new Vessels record ‘Helioscope‘.  Though this piece contrasts my own review in places, reading through I found myself nodding in agreement, and it’s refreshing to see the album being critiqued from a different viewpoint.  While there have been almost unanimous praise given-out from the likes of Pitchfork, The Fly, Drowned In Sound, Rocksound and BBC Music, The Organ review is the most insightful and offers up food for thought.  Still, I reckon ‘Helioscope’ will definitely find its way onto my end of year list.  It has certainly made a bigger impact than the latest Mogwai record and what I have heard from the forthcoming Explosions in the Sky album.

Vessels have been threatening far more than this for the last couple of years now, and no, this new album is not enough, they can’t get away with these post-rock clichés, they could and should be past this point by now shouldn’t they? You see, from most English bands this album would do, we’d be politely positive and make noises about expansive post rock and leave it at that. I mean, as the movement that is post rock goes this is really very very good, Vessels have made a more than decent post rock album, it is worthy of being a Thing of the Day here, and it probably is greedy to expect anything more isn’t it?

If we were to leave it at that then you’d think that The Organ isn’t overly enamoured with the Leeds quintet’s 2nd LP, but further investigation reveals otherwise:

And further into Helioscope, just when you think the opening hope has given way to the post-rock rule book and that it’s going to be all very safe and a little predictable and oh come on, we want more than this, Vessels throw in a curveball and hit you with something that, for once, you didn’t see coming…

Read the Rest of the Review

In other Vessels related news:

Our tune Ornafives is available from our Bandcamp page, on an mp3 compilation called “A Cheery Wave From Stranded Youngsters – Vol 2”, alongside some other great bands including You Slut!, Kasper Rosa, Khuda, and Maybeshewill.

In other news, this Friday April 1st we will be decamping down to London for the evening to record a live session for the wonderful Tom Robinson at BBC 6Music. His show starts at 7pm, and we’ll be performing three tunes from the new album, so please tune in and listen! (Source:


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