Her Name Is Calla Video Tour Diary Parts 1 &2

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Video

The wonders of social networking come to the fore as Her Name Is Calla’s official tour photographer Sebastian Dehesdin has begun posting short films of the band who are currently still on tour, in support of their new ‘Maw‘ 10″ single.  Following on from my review of their Glasgow show, Part 1 above shows the band setting up and sound-checking at the Left Bank in Leeds.  There’s also a short snippet of the band performing the acoustic-led ‘Long Grass’, which was my favourite track aired last Monday in the Glasgow leg of their tour, stunning footage of ‘Condor and River‘, some loving shots of Calla’s vinyl and music from Birds of Passage played in the background.

Although there’s unfortunately no footage from the 13th Note show that I attended so far, I must commend Dehesdin for his beautifully shot film.  Part 2, below, features less music and more band on tour hi-jinks as the band embark from Dover onto Antwerp via ferry, including an impromptu stop for mechanics on the band tour van — the rock n’ roll lifestyle this is not.  I’ll post the rest of these videos as Dehesdin releases them


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