Klaus Kinski’s ‘Skellington Horse’ Featured at The Organ.

Posted: April 1, 2011 in News + Reviews

I once wrote a nice review about abrasive Welsh noiseniks Klaus Kinski and one band member was so enamoured that he sent me several eclectic mix cd’s with slightly deranged DIY artwork and an eternal thanks.  Back then (2007 I think) I commented on how amazed I was that they managed to fit vintage German film, stomach cramps, incarceration, Nick Cave and church burnings into their demented press notes and observed ‘this quartet are nasty, ridiculously lo-fi and completely in your face. In other words, they can be devastatingly brilliant, displaying (numerous) diverse influences’. It would appear that they have a new album out, named ‘Skellington Horse‘ as reported  by The Organ and one that I, and any fans of bands such as Shellac and The Jesus Lizard, may have to check out going by this review.

Oh yes, we got a live one here, this really is frantic and eating at our flesh, this is music that’s pecking at our eyes just to see what it might be like to do so, sticking things in our minds just because they can, this is relentlessly good, this is a band who never let up, never mind your rule obeying extreme metal, this is what really pushing it is.

Later The Organ review adds this final epitaph:

Brilliant album, disturbingly good, go on, grab hold if it and stick it right in (your CD player), you know it isn’t something to publicly admit to, but you know you really want to stick it in, curiosity has got the better of you now hasn’t it… Klaus Kinski are clearly a band wanting and willing to give everything, go grab a slice, highly recommended.

Source: http://www.organart.com/organthing123.html

Skellington Horse is out from Spring 2011 on Ankst Records


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