One To Watch: Kings of Frog Island

Posted: April 1, 2011 in One To Watch

Not so much a ‘One To Watch’ band anymore, as it looks like this trio have disbanded, but The Kings of Frog Island are/were definitely a band worth a moment of your time. Psychedelic-tinged Stoner Rock in the vein of Kyuss or Monster Magnet. Some of the riffs here remind me of my teens when I thought of Josh Homme as the greatest guitarist on the planet and a number of tracks thrills in a similar manner to hearing Kyuss’ seminal ‘Blues For The Red Sun’ for the first time.

The excellently named … Kings are no mere copyists though, with their scorched riffs and narcotic harmonies very much their own. The deeper than space basslines are so blissed-out they’re almost horizontal and the addition of synth and violin to some tracks show the extent that this band is prepared to go to branch out. If Stoner Rock is making resurgence then this troupe are surely its leading lights.  Check out their sounds on German label Elektrohasch.

The King of Frog Island were formed in 2003 by Mark Buteux, Roger “Dodge” Watson (scum pups) and Mathew Bethancourt (Cherry ChokeJosiahThe Beginning). Drawing on a collective passion for cult movie soundtracks and mammoth riffs the trio headed up three albums stashed full of heavy psych rock and fragile laments to love, life and the eternal sleep.

The Kings Of Frog Island ‘I’ ‘II’ and ‘III’ are truly rocket rides across the mountains of madness and beyond the big black. Many other musicians feature across the trilogy of albums: matthew day (scum pups), Gavin Searle, Julia Dream, Tony Heslop, Lee Madel Toner, Gavin Wright and Gregg Hunt (Cherry Choke).  Mathew Bethancourt left The Kings Of Frog Island in 2010 to concentrate on Cherry Choke. Mark Buteux and Roger “Dodge” Watson are currently working on new recordings under the name of Bull God.


  1. The Kings of Frog Island says:

    The Kings of Frog Island have not disbanded and are currently working on new material for the next album, provisionally entitled ‘IV’. Expect more frog-related psych rock around the end of 2011/early 2012.

    Meanwhile, the existing back catalogue is available for digital download on iTunes and many other leading online music retailers.

  2. phantomchannel says:

    Thanks for that!

    Great to know KOFI are still around!

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