Toby Driver Dissects ‘Stained Glass’

Posted: April 1, 2011 in News + Reviews
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Following on from Antithetic Records update concerning the vinyl edition of ‘Stained Glass‘. Kayo Dot’s leader Toby Driver has written an extensive article, breaking down this long-form composition for We Create Music.  Driver talks of the composition’s origins, the fact he actually wanted it to sound ‘like stained glass’ despite the inherent difficulties of achieving such a concept.  He later talks of his experience of standing in the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and the influence it had over this piece.  Further on, driver explains his role as conductor and collaborator Jason Byron’s violent lyrics, while commenting on each section of ‘Stained Glass’ and the appropriate instrumentation, chord structures and a sense of time that ‘characterizes the music‘ he writes.  A fascinating piece from start to finish, confirming Driver as one of the more engaging musical forces today. I highly recommend listening to ‘Stained Glass‘ on the soundcloud widget below while reading this article.

The music I write these days is pretty consistently characterized by the need for all the musicians in the ensemble to listen to everyone else’s part. Each person’s timing is based on someone else’s timing, but all the timing is abstract, so there isn’t really any hub; the music is a squishy wheel turning on a cushion of space.

Read the rest of Driver’s article


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