Zun Zun Egui’s ‘Kass La Sènn’ Reviewed On Norman Records

Posted: April 1, 2011 in News + Reviews

This record has taken an age to be released, with pressing problems for starters and now  I face a further a delay at Norman Records, where I ordered it.  I will review this record once I get my hands on it, but while we’re waiting, lets check out some positive press from other sources.  Zun Zun Egui, for the uninitiated, are a multi-national, kaleidoscopic outfit, a bona fide carnival of colour and psychedelia.  A band I first came across at the Fell Foot Sound festival back in 2009, that blew me away with their technical brilliance and joyous mix of different styles.  The sort of band The Leaf Label would be interested in, one cannot help but draw parallels with a band like Volcano!.  Throw in some Far East mysticism, some Bollywood-esque chanting and the finest grooves this side of Zappa and we’re getting close to the Zun Zun experience!

While Norman Records are taking ages with my order, at least they have found time to review it:

Zun Zun Egui return with the long overdue follow up to last years excellent ‘Bal La Poussiere’ EP and again, it’s a total winner. Here we are treated to two wildy confident compositions that match the cosmic with the sub-tropical to create vast and epically groovy tunage. A side ‘Speedball’ seems to touch on a little of everything from Krautrock, cosmic psych, new wave and afro-beat whilst maintaining a solid consistency throughout. It bobs and weaves, it drops and sways and returns again and again for more. It’s powerful stuff that sees boredoms-esque synth soundscapes battle it out against a backdrop of lively grooves and motivational vocal outbursts. It’s like a hundred different tunes in one! Flip it and you get ‘Praise The Waterfall’, a trip in two parts and the highlight of the set last time I saw them in Leeds. Pt 1 ‘Spirit Rising’ is an exercise in astral-beat (that cosmic afro-beat to you and me) madness that sees Kushal Gaya getting crazy on the mic and the band play like their very existence depends on it. It slowly evolves into ‘Spirit Dancing’ finally succumbing to an eastern influenced cosmic super jam that sees the band going all out once again, concluding what has essentially being an epic journey of an EP. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough. Super confident, excellently played liquid afro-funk at it’s finest.

Source: http://www.normanrecords.com/records/121311

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