Stanley Donwood Talks ‘The Universal Sigh’ With NME

Posted: April 5, 2011 in News + Reviews

Stanley Donwood has designed all of Radiohead’s artwork. Here he explains the thinking behind the free newspaper, ‘The Universal Sigh’, copies of which were handed out last week

On March 28th and 29th 2011, thousands and thousands of copies of a publication entitled The Universal Sigh were handed out in many major cities around the world. Many people might now be wondering why this happened.  Well me, I got back from London, from Brick Lane, where I and a fellow-conspirator handed out about three thousand free copies of The Universal Sigh outside a record shop called Rough Trade East.

The newspaper can of course be seen as a relic of the past, a dying format that has no place in the modern world where digital content interfaces seamlessly with an ever burgeoning plethora of shiny devices; portable tablet computers and e-readers, laptops, netbooks and smartphones.  But it is also a tactile pleasure, a finger-inking, page-flapping, paper rustling codex of information that won’t crash or corrupt. It won’t become useless without electricity. It won’t end up on the shores of somewhere far away, its innards picked at by underpaid children. But it will, with time, slowly crinkle, yellow, fade and crumble; much as we will

Read The Rest of Donwood’s Article

Read a PDF version of The Universal Sigh


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