Video: Kling Klang – ‘Heavydale’

Posted: May 1, 2011 in Video
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Kling Klang are an awesome band that I had completely forgotten about, so I’m pleased to re-introduce this video of ‘Heavydale’ from their brilliant ‘Esthetick of Destruction’ album, which was issued by Mogwai’s Rock Action imprint back in 2006.  It would seem they are on some sort of hiatus and I certainly haven’t heard anything from them since I watched them absolutely blow headliners 65 Days of Static off the stage at 2007’s Triptych Festival.  This Liverpudlian quintet mix some serious Krautrock synths with hard-hitting drums and some very Sabbath-esque guitars. Also worth noting that John Peel championed this outfit before his death and they were hand-picked to support Portishead and Mogwai in 2008.

I’d definitely like to hear something new by these guys, though it doesn’t look forthcoming.  Their website, has barely any content and consists of grainy images and disconcerting sounds, while Rock Action has little in the way of news too, except that they seem to have changed their name to K**** K****.

EDIT:I got in touch with Rock Action and theyr replied:

to the best of our knowledge they’re no longer a going concern. As a result of Kraftwerk’s intervention we had to recall all Kling Klang records I’m afraid.  Joe is playing in a new band called The Left Hand though

K**** K**** are a five piece kraut-punk band from Liverpool, consisting of four synth players and a drummer. Formed in mid 1999, as a 3 piece using only cheap synths and old drum machines, they released Untitled@33rpm on the Liverpool e.p. (“…waste of plastic…” – NME) and the Vander 7” – both of which were enthusiastically received in the UK and abroad. Since then they have used every show and release as a way to explore new dynamic ways of presenting their unique sound.



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