Video: The Cave Singers – ‘Black Leaf’

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Video
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Here’s the brand new promo video for The Cave Singers ‘Black Leaf’, which was premiered by Pitchfork earlier this week, taken from their Jagjaguwar debut record ‘No Witch‘. It’s a typically toe-tapping number from the Seattle trio, with a kind of fast-paced creepy folk-rock delivery that’s very much their own that snakes around the razor-wire guitars and rickety drums that gives an almost parade-like atmosphere

  1. Neil says:

    The “invitation songs” album is excellent! the track “called” is awesome!!

    • phantomchannel says:

      Cheers, I’ll check that out. I knew their name, but I only heard them first in the soundtrack for ‘Cabin Fever 2’ (a film that was surprisingly quite good!) and I loved the track — ‘Dancing On Graves’ I think it was

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