Ones To Watch: Tokamak

Posted: May 15, 2011 in One To Watch
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I’m back from Prague refreshed and raring to go.  To kick things off, here’s the latest ‘One To Watch’ this time coming from Scottish trio Tokamak.  Once you navigate through all the scientific mumbo-jumbo from which Tokamak probably  took their name from, you’ll find that this criminally unsigned Glaswegian outfit are very pleasing to the ears indeed.  I’m getting hints of Neu! and Can in the motoring ‘Invasion of the Rectangles”, with the brooding cello work adding a nice touch of tension before the band explode in a distorted frenzy.  The nicely named ‘Fucktard’ is another highlight in this bunch of assorted tracks, a totally raucous affair with driving guitars, sci-fi electronics and motorik drums where it sounds like they literally attack their instruments when they approach the riotous chorus.  ‘Gartnavel Heckler’ portrays them in a different light again where Tokamak weave an interesting spoken-word story something akin to The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, again when the band let loose they’re a joy to behold.  I’m not sure if these tracks are out-takes, rehearsal jams or work in progress’ for a later recording (although they are labelled as ‘not quite finished yet’ at their Soundcloud page), what I do know is they are quite tremendous.  A difficult to describe sound that takes its influence from instrumental bands like Do Make Say Think, the aforementioned Komische/Krautrock movement and marrying it with a huge helping of progressive attitude, though I do also detect a hint of former Glasgow heroes pH Family in their sound too.

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