Download: Shield Your Eyes – Too Little Has Been Good For The Soul

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Free Download, Track Review
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To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to make of Londoners Shield Your Eyes on first listen.  In fact, I almost switched their album, ‘Theme From Kindness’, off after about two minutes such is its rough and ready nature.  Thankfully, I stuck with it and their incessant sound started to wear me down, for want of a better term, until I realised I was actually enjoying it, nodding my head along while trying to anticipate the next tangent the band where about to choose.  SYE possess an enviable spirit and for a trio they make one hell of an unholy racket.  Described as a Post-Hardcore/Progressive Blues outfit operating well out-with standard circles, they utilise unique, alternative guitar tunings (sometimes playing with only 4 or 5 strings) and frenetic, yet intelligent drums that are literally off the chart in terms of power, speed and delivery. The bass is seemingly there to try to make sense of it all

‘Too Little…’ highlights this perfectly, it’s raw and raucous as if on the verge of collapse.  There’s melody underneath too, buried under the instrumental wreckage and analogue scree, but there all the same.  The vocals are delivered in a strained, half-shouted fashion adding to the band’s explosive nature.  It has also been recorded in a very lo-fi fashion, with the band opting for a ‘plug in a play’ method, giving a crude, demo-like quality while hinting at their enormous live potential and telepathy.  A riotous avalanche of spiky guitar, bass and twisted, razor-edged drums.  It was interesting to read, in Exploding In Sound’s recent interview, that Shield Your Eyes list Rory Gallagher as one of their main influences and heroes; There’s certainly shades of his blues-rock power trio Taste in their sound, in that they pack a real punch.  And much like Gallagher, they’ve taken a hammer to standard blues rules and are melding it into new shapes.

One other point, the band are literally giving away their three albums on vinyl and CD.  You can purchase all three Vinyl versions for the sum total of £7.  An absolute bargain if you ask me.


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