Track Review: East Brunswick All Girls Choir – Essendon 1986

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Track Review
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They’re not a choir, there’s only four members and only one of them is a girl. They’ve never lived in East Brunswick and now they’ve ditched their native Australia in favour of the bright lights of Europe. Berlin is the city that now has the pleasure of housing this explosive quartet, formerly of Melbourne.  East Brunswick All Girls Choir make music that defies their name.  A pre-cursor to forthcoming album ‘Sandhurst Town’, ‘Essendon 1986’ is raw and bruised with swirling Sonic Youth-like dissonance cutting through a harassed melody, stabbing bass and drums and edgy vocals that are delivered in a fractured, bluesy drawl not a million miles from a certain Nick Cave. In other words, it’s magic. Expect to hear much more from this band

‘Essendon 1986‘ is bundled with 7 live tracks and can be bought from Departed Sounds


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