Download: ROBOT HOUSE!- I Would Like To Introduce Myself, But You Should Know Me By Now

Posted: June 10, 2011 in Free Download

ROBOT HOUSE!, surely named after this Futurama episode, are a Liverpudlian/Mancunian trio who claim they offer ‘something new to alternative rock’.   While I think they’ve got a bit to go to achieve that aim, there’s certainly something about tracks such as ‘German Suplex’ and ‘I’d Like To See You Fall’ which are brimming with confidence.  These crunching arrangements remind of the frenzied but infectious style of The Pixies or Nada Surf’s hit ‘Popular’ in the way they incrementally get angrier.  The final two tracks ‘Gaps’ and ‘Neck and High Rising’ lean more towards an early Smashing Pumpkins style, especially in the vocal department.  The synth/keys near the end of the former is a nice touch, helping to highlight the chorus.  For a demo it is promising stuff, though I do prefer when the band simply let the instruments do the talking such as in this short record’s first two tracks.  Still, ROBOT HOUSE! are definitely worth a second look.


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