Zun Zun Egui To Issue New Single ‘Fandango Fresh’ on Bella Union

Posted: June 12, 2011 in News + Reviews
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A new track from the wonderful Zun Zun Egui released by Bella Union (home of Fleet Foxes, Midlake, Beach House etc) who will also release their debut album ‘Katang’ on October 3rd — which is (great) news to me!.   Anyway, ‘Fandango Fresh’ is a joyous, stomping affair with all the hallmarks we’ve come to love about this cosmopolitan quartet.  I’ve no idea what they’re singing about, something about a ‘sexy worm’ if I’m not mistaken, but it’s all part of their charm.  It’s out in August on 12″ vinyl.  Official press release below

Here comes the wildfire sound of Zun Zun Egui, toting their debut album ‘Katang’, released 3rd October on Bella Union records, and with explosive first single ‘Fandango Fresh’ which will be released on 12” vinyl in August.

Formed in the libertine and verdant undergrowth of Bristol’s cultural side streets (members Kushal Gaya and Yoshino Shigihara first met at an improv session at notorious DIY cinema The Cube Microplex), Zun Zun Egui started out playing up and down the UK to subterranean rock and party crowds ready to be let loose by music. They self-released a limited edition CD-R and then, on the back of a snowballing word-of-mouth live reputation, began receiving invites to play shows all over the world from festivals, squat cafes, hotel lobbies, vast art centres and other unlikely spaces. Meanwhile they released two white-hot slabs of 12” vinyl on Blank Tapes, both recorded at their Bristol studio lair. Always with a desire to connect, ZZE cooked up their own colourful club night called “How Come…” in Bristol and had tour mates like The Ex and Sun Araw pull up and play as well as the disparate likes of Micachu And The Shapes, Action Beat and AJ Holmes. Now Zun Zun Egui have dreamt up their debut album proper, recorded in the Welsh wilds and produced by bassist Luke Mosse, and it’s one to savour.

Everything about “Katang”, from its 50 minutes of freeform rock music to the wonderful visual feel conjured up by keyboard player/singer Yoshino Shigihara, emits a kinetic and contagious energy. The ZZE dynamics are all bottled up and twisted beautifully with lead single ‘Fandango Fresh’. You can listen to this jam below…


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