Video: Rival Sons – ‘Tell Me Something (Live)

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Video
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Rival Sons are set to open the main stage at this years High Voltage Festival in London and on the basis of the video above I’ll be there bright an early.  New album ‘Pressure and Time’ is due a week today and the band will also perform at Sonisphere.  The band was also recently quoted in Classic Rock Magazine that they don’t want to be directly compared to Led Zeppelin, but on this evidence above it’s undeniable, as frontman Jay Buchanan explains below:

“To go on about us and Zeppelin is just lazy. I love the band, and it is an honour to be mentioned with them. I understand where it comes from, but we have a lot more going for us than sounding like them. Why not mention Foghat as well?  I know my vocal style owes something to Robert Plant, but it’s also got similarities to Steve Marriott and Johnny Ray.  I was into the likes of Robert Johnson, Howling Wolf, Leadbelly, Willie Dixon and John Lee Hooker. I didn’t actually hear Zeppelin until I was 13, although I loved the band as soon as they came into my life. I thought, ‘O yes, this is rock ’n’ roll!’.”


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