One To Watch: The Pattern Theory

Posted: June 16, 2011 in One To Watch
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The Pattern Theory make music like their name suggests. Intricate designs constructed with an entanglement of instrumentation;  guitars, drums and synth bass, punctuated by glockenspiel, xylophone and vibraphone.  What we cannot deduce from this trio’s name is just how inherently pretty their music can be.  Formerly of Leeds, but now settled in Berlin, The Pattern Theory’s self-titled debut album has just been issued by Austrian imprint Valeot Recordings.  Its eight tracks revolve around a skillful instrumental aesthetic recalling the repetitive, minimalistic compositions of Steve Reich or Tortoise while adding a more human touch via some melancholic left turns that remind of Epic45’s more Summery moments.  Quite an inspiring record, but we should expect nothing less from a band that were once chosen as Damo Suzuki’s backing band for his world tour.

The album was recorded during marathon nighttime sessions in a disused post office to achieve the right ambiance, as the band recently explained to Storyboard.  “Basically we had no other real option for recording, and we’re all really into recording and production, so we thought it will cost us this amount to go in to a studio, or this amount to get a few more mics, which we’ll have forever, so it seemed like a better investment/experience of trying to get a studio sounding record, with modest equipment and a sort of treated room. The downside of this was we had to wait ‘until midnight when it was quiet enough to start recording”.

While instrumental bands can get a little tedious, The Pattern Theory ensure this is not an issue meaning that even those who find Post-Rock sounds dull, will find much to love on their debut .  Their labyrinth compositions may be precise and complex, but there’s plenty of room for melody and the effect is particularly refreshing.  The patterns are plentiful, but thankfully this trio don’t take their name to literally.

UK readers can grab the CD via Norman Records


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