Review: Inca Gold – ‘Inca Gold II’ (Self-Released)

Posted: June 24, 2011 in Reviews
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Inca Gold are a London-based outfit, featuring Ben Chatwin of Talvihorros fame.  Utilising a standard guitar/bass/drum set-up, this quartet aim to create ‘interesting and experimental’ music that doesn’t turn people away.

The result on this particular EP is a vivid, dreamy sound that’s not without its power.  A lid is kept on any thunderous noise that may be brewing in the background.  It’s definitely there, but is tempered by the intriguing, liquid guitar textures and an astute rhythm section, allowing the edgy pop choruses and widescreen melodies the chance to flourish.

There’s tinges of Radiohead in one or two of the tracks, including the lovely, melancholic guitar interplay on ‘Gone Fishing’, while the vocals on ‘Leagues’ point to a Thom Yorke influence.  The tempo change at the tail end of the latter is a definite EP highlight, breaching into the kinetic, Art-Rock territories that Bloc Party like to explore, without merely copying.

As part of a planned triptych of (free) EP’s to be issued in 2011, this project allows Inca Gold, still less than a year old, a chance to find their feet, while gathering a fan-base at the same time.  The tracks of this EP have an air of confidence about them. This quartet has something up their sleeves.  And they know it.


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