Download: Seabuckthorn – ‘Journeyed Road’

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Free Download
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‘Journeyed Road’ is lifted straight from Seabuckthorn’s ‘In Nightfall’ which is due to see light of day very soon on French imprint Bookmaker Records.  Limited to just 100 copies and furnished with a silkscreen recycled cardboard sleeve, this CD is a 23 minute exploration of dusty instrumental mantras that bridges folk, acid-rock and psychedelic styles.

The work of UK-based guitarist Andy Cartwright, ‘In Nightfall’ will compliment record collections that feature LP’s by the likes of Grails, James Blackshaw and John Fahey.  The music is exquisitely detailed and has a certain melodic and rhythmic quality to it, performed using an array of 6 string and 12 string guitars.  The instrumentation is impeccable too, underpinning a meditative, crepuscular atmosphere notable on tracks such as ‘Dark Blue’ and the simply sublime ‘Journeyed Road’. There’s always something new to uncover with each spin here. Cartwright’s style is hauntingly beautiful, filmic and doused in mystery.

‘In Nightfall’ can be pre-ordered from Bookmaker Records, where you can also stream the full record too.

Seabuckthorn’s psychedelic folk is led by a voluble but never demonstrative acoustic guitar, often accompanied by more electric and ghostly sounds.  Both dense and warm, In Nightfall’s melodies weave a poetic tinge of melancholy. This fourth album is an accomplished work that impresses by its humility and consistency.


Journeyed Road.mp3 (Mediafire link)


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