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Words cannot express how much I love Her Name Is Calla, I’ve travelled far and wide, thinking I wouldn’t get much oppurtunity to see them live, only for them to turn up in my own town several times over the last year.  They’re an extremely hard-working group of musicians that definitely deserve a bigger fan-base than they currently have.  While they seem to do well in Post-Rock circles, though we can’t really count arm-chair, illegal downloading people as real fans, the band have definite ability to appeal to a broader range of music lovers.  An acoustic version of ‘Long Grass’ was the highlight of the Glasgow show I attended last week, and this video shot at Leeds’ Left Bank venue the night before, by youtube user MechanisedEurope confirms why.  There’s also remarkable footage of several other tracks, including the epic ‘Condor and River’, ‘Thief’ (which I have never had the pleasure of seeing live), ‘Pour More Oil’ and ‘New England‘.  All the videos are a magnificent indicator of Calla’s magical live shows.