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36 – ‘After Time’

Posted: April 8, 2011 in Video

A youtube user/fan video for 36’s (pronounced Three Six) ‘After Time‘ which was issued via the limited edition ‘Tape: Series Blue’ (an edition that completely slipped under my radar and I didn’t purchase) on 3six Recordings.  There’s something transcendental or, to use a cliché, ethereal about the music of Dennis Huddlestone.  I particularly love the way the subtle, melancholic melodies fight to be heard amongst the digital haze, it’s certainly a hallmark of 36’s sound to date.  It can be somewhat uplifting and panoramic, as evidenced in the video above.  The tape series, at just 36 copies in total is understandably sold out, but is still available digitally, stream it below.


The mysteriously named 36, which is the vehicle of enigmatic, media-shy musician Dennis Huddleston, who produced the fantastic ambient records ‘Hypersona‘ and ‘Memories In Widescreen‘ over the last few years, has issued a pre-order for his latest limited edition 7″ vinyl release ‘Cocoon/Saphron‘.  Fans of floating expansive guitar and synth experimentation should certainly check this out.  All vinyl orders contain MP3/FLAC download functions.  The aptly titled ‘Cocoon‘ tantalizes with grainy and spectral drawn-out textures that wraps the listener in a comforting blanket of warm, distant melody before disappearing into the ether.  While ‘Saphron‘ follows in a similar manner, upping the ante ever so slightly with a more optimistic or euphoric manner.  Again the textures are of a grain/static-like viscosity and nod to the swathes of  over-powring sounds produced by the likes of Labradford or, perhaps, Vangelis.  Gorgeous sounds indeed, though we should come to expect this, given Huddleston’s excellent back catalogue of records.  Part of an on-going, curated series and strictly limited to just 100 copies!

The “3six Seven” series is a collection of 7″ vinyl releases. These will be limited to 100 copies, in carefully printed full-colour sleeves, matt laminated, with stunning artwork, curated by various artists around the world. Hand numbered by the artist. No represses will be made in this format. The first release features the tracks “Cocoon” and “Saphron”. Artwork by Masaki Okezawa.

“Cocoon” uses low-end pressure and dub-like delay to create an ever-rising, constantly evolving sound, with an intensity matched only by it’s sensitivity. “Saphron” is pure melancholia, with melodic padwork and drifting textures, reminiscent of the most haunting moments from Hypersona, but taken even deeper into the abyss.

The digital version includes the bonus track “Saphron Drowning” which is a moodier, darker edit of the original. It is music for the earliest of hours, lighting a candle of sound that illuminates any headspace.