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Arcane Roots are a prog-inspired three-piece who are starting to gain a bit of momentum.  Zane Lowe has been playing them on BBC Radio 1 show (though that might be a death-knell going by this cringe-worthy interview he conducted with Grinderman).  Classic Prog recently likened the Surrey-based trio as an ‘Ultra melodic Mars Volta interrupted by a shouty Cockney fellow’.  Rock Sound have gone one better with an outrageously hyperbolic piece, where they claim Arcane Roots sound like no other band.

None of this matters of course, the only thing to care about is this track quite frankly rocks.  It’s explosive and hook-laden, mixing the best of Prog-Rock with an informed pop edge.  It’s the lead single from their mini-album ‘Left Fire’, which barely made a dent upon its original 2010 release.  Now, going with the video above, the band seem to have a bit of financial muscle behind them and look to be on the cusp of something big.  Just like the shout-along refrain in this featured track ‘this is the beginning of something’‘.  Catch this outfit at Sonisphere this Summer.