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The mysterious Magdalena Solis hail from Brussels, Belgium and take their name from a high priestess (read this incredible true story) of a 60’s Mexican Blood Cult who took part in several ritualistic murders and was imprisoned for life.  This trio drinks from the altar of obscure psychedelic cinema and the Komische movement of the 70’s using guitars, vintage organs, Moog synths and even cello and flutes to create a heavily textured and totally hypnagogic sound — one they call ‘Sun Cult Rock’.

Loose reference points include ‘Alpha Centauri’ era Tangerine Dream (see ‘Crown Your Whores And Burn Your Kings’) and early Pink Floyd on ‘Cities Crumbling Planets Growing’.  They also add Middle Eastern, Arabic and Oriental ingredients to their strange brew, bringing to mind current Psych-Rock favourites Grails, particularly on the rousing ‘Seven Boys and Seven Girls’. Along with the accompanying Pagan/Psych/Cult imagery (see below), it makes for a particularly sinister and nightmarish listening experience.

They meddle with an abundance of strange found sounds too, liberally peppering everything from eerie wind sounds to vague howls, spoken word/film excerpts to cult chants and weird oscillations to crystalline chimes throughout. There’s even a startling elephant shriek around the halfway mark, all of which further reinforces the feeling of a transcendental happening that revolves around ‘Hesperia’.  It’s difficult not to be swayed by the peculiarity of it all.

Of course, it’s all completely wonderful and tailor-made for those who prefer their music to be of the mind-altering variety. It’s available in limited edition CD-R from Dying For Bad Music or cassette through Berlin-based Klangverhaeltnisse Records.