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Now here’s a band that have been creating quite a stir in and around Glasgow and what better way to re-invigorate the  Phantom Channel blog  This is  super-short free 3 track Ep, that has been doing the rounds for quite a while, from Scotland’s premier ‘Two-manned Anti-Band‘ Holy Mountain.  From White Stripes to Winnebago Deal, the two-man band is still very much in vogue, but HM take things further stripping the concept down to its most primitive form.  Currently melting faces and crushing bones in Glasgow’s live scene, this duo are beginning to gather a fair amount of positive local press, such is the incendiary nature of their performances.  Lasting less than 6 minutes, this release through Winning Sperm Party probably won’t convince that many, it’s the live arena where the magic truly happens.  Like the the demented offspring of a Sabbath/Lightning Bolt marriage, should you check this out be sure to pick up upon the ‘Negative Creep‘-era Nirvana lunacy of ‘Jesus‘, the stoner-rock heaven of ‘Kegs‘ and the ridiculously fast-paced ‘Gunner‘.   A very dangerous and exciting proposition.

Holy Mountain are a two-piece riff monster who slay all in their path. Their shows have earned a reputation for unconventional off-stage setups and improvised frenzy-provoking riffage. Glasgow’s garage rock sensation are cooler, heavier, more dangerous and sweatier than you’ll ever be.

Holy Mountain Ep