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Scotland’s own North Atlantic Oscillation have recorded a live session with BBC6 Music’s Marc Riley.  Peenko have the session available for download, all four tracks in total, though I am not sure of the legalities there so please approach with caution!  NAO performed ‘Cell Count’, ’77 Hours’, ‘Jesus Was A Crossmaker’ (Judee Sill cover) and ‘Alexanderplatz’ just before they embark on a European tour with Blackfield, who count Porcupine Tree main-main Steve Wilson among their ranks.

To these ears, NAO ambiguously  mix the ethereal qualities of Sigur Ros and marry it with radio-friendly hooks.  Their compositions tend to be multi-layered, featuring fidgeting percussion and some nice guitar trickery.  I also tend to find they dabble in Radiohead-style experimentation and electronics, though not quite with the same success.  Not every track hits the nail on the head but there’s plenty of potential thriving within this group and they’re developing a sound that’s very much their own, despite some of their more obvious influences.

In promotion for the 2 disc re-release of album ‘Grappling Hooks’ NAO have also issued a free mp3 of ‘Cell Count’, for your (legal) downloading pleasure.  The new edition of the album, features new artwork and will collect remixes, along with tracks from a previous BBC live session and the odd cover or two.  Order it from Kscope.

NAO are the Scottish based trio of Sam Healy (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, synths, sax, percussion), Ben Martin (drums, percussion, programming) and Bill Walsh (bass, synth bass, vocals). They describe themselves as playing their instruments within a computerised wall of sound. Grappling Hooks is a subtle yet powerful kaleidoscope of purring electronics, atmospheric layers and hook-laden melodies