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This is quite an amazing project run by Justin of Front & Follow fame with his wife.  Long Division With Remainder’s awesome ‘14 Versions of the Same Ep‘ serious has thrown up some inspirational music throughout its lifespan. The premise is as follows: ‘basic electronic fumblings are sent to anyone interested, and are then added to, remixed and known as Version 1, Version 2 etc etc you get the idea‘.   A quick check throughout the versions list throws up some mouth-watering possiblilities, not least the version completed by Boomkat fave Isnaj Dui.  All the music is available for free.

Leyland Kirby is, of course, known as The Caretaker and and true to his name brings this series to a close with his brand of unique, wonky nostalgic sound-sculptures.  Version 1 comprises dark and chilly piano, with something sinister lurking behind, while Version 2 here throws in cracked electronics into the mix, like filtering soundscapes through a glacier.  But it’s Version 3 that wins hands down for me, a magical 11 minute journey of tinkling bells and skewed ambience as if recorded on an old decaying cassette tape. Absolutely mind-blowing and I immediately purchased his ‘When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die‘ LP because of this inspirational track.  Which leaves the surprisingly melancholic,  Version 4 to wrap up this final edition and, indeed, the whole series.  Wonderful, you definitely need this!

14 Versions of the Same EP (Version 14)

Archive of other editions