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Toby Driver may not need an introduction to those in the know, but for those of you unaware of this under-rated musical genius (which I was until 18 months ago!) you would do well to check out his extensive back catalogue of releases from his various, bands, ¬†projects and solo endevours. ¬†Having issued the excellent ‘Coyote‘ full-length and the ‘Stained Glass‘ EP near the end of 2010 for his band Kayo Dot, it’s full steam ahead as we hit the Summer of 2011 for Driver and Co:

  • Vinyl release of Kayo Dot’s ‘Coyote’ via Taiga Records (Details)
  • Vinyl release of Kayo Dot’s ‘Stained Glass Ep’ via Antithetic Records (Details)
  • 4LP box set of the first three maudlin Of The Well albums to be issued via Antithetic Records (Details)
  • Tartar Lamb II is also now available for pre-order, digital download or vinyl via band website (Details)
  • maudlin Of The Well’s ‘Part the Second’ masterpiece is still available for free download (Download) (Vinyl Edition)

Stream Tartar Lamb II below

Toby Driver – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Jeremiah Cymerman – Clarinet and Electronics
Terran Olson – Alto Saxophone and Synthesizer
Daniel Means – Alto Saxophone
Tim Byrnes – Synthesizer, Trumpet, and French Horn

Guest Musicians:
David Bodie – Percussion on Movement 4
Mia Matsumiya – Violin on Movement 4
Masami Tomihisa – Piano on Movement 4

Live ensemble recorded on Sep 25th, 2010 by Tomek Miernowski at Grand Street Recording in Brooklyn, NY.

Additional recording during the Fall of 2010 by Jeremiah Cymerman and Toby Driver at home and at Ft. Washington Church in New York, NY.

Analog Reverb Construction and Mixing by Randall Dunn at Aleph in Seattle, WA
Pre-Mixed by Jeremiah Cymerman and Toby Driver at home
Mastered for vinyl by Mell Dettmer at Sinister Kitchen in Seattle, WA

Special thanks to Joshua l. Aransky and Steven Taylor Miller.