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Necro Deathmort, the duo of AJ Cookson and Matthew Rozeik, are set to release their second album ‘Music of Bleak Origin’ through Newcastle-based Distraction Records.  Their sound contains a highly original combination of titanic drums, dirty/calibrated beats, inescapably heavy guitars and exploratory electronics —  Cinematic-Electronic-Doom-Prog perhaps?  It’s the sort of sinister and dangerous sound that makes the likes of The Prodigy sound particularly primary school.

Their label puts it better in fact :

Necro Deathmort follow their critically acclaimed debut album This Beat Is Necrotronic with this monolith: Music of Bleak Origin. Expect a soundtrack of crunchy fuzz, chambertronic buzz, dubstep squelch, walls of guitar wail, crashing chords, acidic bleeps and blips, creamy drone and subwoofer-baiting nihilistic doom. In an edition of 1000, it comes in a heavy-duty plastic sleeve with a seen-to-be-believed, double-sided 18-panel poster on wood free stock.

This record segues from the ethereal club ecstasy of ‘For Your Own Good’ to the disheveled, ‘Classics’-period Aphex Twin electronica of ‘Devastating Vector’, via the skull-crushing guitar-led sonic assaults of ‘In Binary’ and doomy devastation of ‘The Heat Death of Everything’.  It’s limited to just 1000 copies and is packaged with a heavy-duty plastic sleeve and contains a double-sided 18-panel H.P Lovecraft- style poster designed by Dominic Hailstone, who was responsible for the creepy creature effects on Aphex Twin’s ‘Come To Daddy’ video as well as working with Mogwai on ‘Batcat’.

On a side note, the Distraction lads are very passionate about the music they release and run a fantastic label. Despite investing a lot of time and money into their releases they often issue them for free in advance of pre-order’s, trusting the quality of the music and the record-buying public to order the records anyway.