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Following on from his heartfelt plea for people to support Record Store Day on April 16th 2011,  giant Grinderman drummer and one of the busiest guys in music today, Jim Sclavunos, has been interviewed by John-Paul Pryor for his monthly column, ‘The Record That Changed My Life’ on the AnOther website.

When I was very young — before I could afford to buy records, or was even allowed to buy records, or tune the family stereo to a radio station I liked — I would sometimes spot a record cover in a store that would set my imagination ablaze. I would fantasise so intensely about what the unheard record might sound like that I would have recurring dreams in which I’d be listening to an imaginary playback. The Velvet Underground With Nico with its provocative banana cover was one such album — although I do remember a vague sense of disappointment when I finally heard the real thing, as it didn’t quite measure up the amazing album of my dreams. When I got a transistor radio for Christmas I no longer had to imagine what the records sounded like. I would go to bed and hide under the covers with my tiny radio and a flashlight and tune in to the underground FM stations and listen all night long. One night I fell asleep with the radio on. When I awoke, an incredible driving distorted and discordant song was playing: something about a sailor getting shot and sucking on a ding-dong and somebody named Sister Ray. Even though I had woken up mid-track, the song seemed to go on forever and just get more and more weird and exciting. When it finally ended, the late night radio announcer with the lugubrious baritone said it was a song off the new album White Light/White Heat by The Velvet Underground. It took a couple of years for me to track it down, but I found a copy (in the library of my Catholic boys high school!) and stole it. The album absolutely blew my mind: I’d never heard rock music sound so brutal and the dark disjointed poetry and sordid stories entranced me. But most importantly, Mo Tucker’s minimalist drumming was an absolute revelation – not in the least because I thought to myself, “I could do that…” A few years later, I actually met Lou Reed hanging out at the back of CBGB’s. It was very early on in the club’s existence, when they still had the little old stage and a pool table side by side. Lou was moping around the pool table, looking bored, so I walked up to him and had little chat, told him how great he was, etcetera. Much to my surprise (and despite his rather formidable reputation), he was not impolite, just a little awkward, but still friendly enough. I didn’t really know what to say to him and didn’t want to gush, so after a brief conversation, I bid him adieu. Years later, I met him again backstage when we were co-billed at a festival. His bass player at the time was an acquaintance of mine and despite my reluctance, he insisted Nick and I come to their dressing room and say ‘Hi’ to Lou. In fact, Lou wasn’t so nice on that occasion; but, whatever


Drowned in Sound, meanwhile, have published an article where Sclavunos talks about his 10 favourite record store’s worldwide.  This man’s passion for music knows no bounds, though it’s a pity he didn’t mention any of Glasgow’s great record emporiums such as MonoRail, Love Music or Volcanic Tongue.


Record Store Day occurs globally only April 16th of this year, a day first conceived in 2007 to celebrate the countless struggling independent record store’s worldwide — though we should note that their numbers have sadly dwindled over the last decade or so.  This is an event that has taken on significant importance in recent years, what with the international recession in full swing, the fact that just about every record imaginable crops up on illegal downloading sites, blogs and p2p clients,  all the while online retailers such as Amazon aren’t that far away from actually monopolising the market.  In my mind,there has still got to be a place for your local record store in this current climate, but then I am an avid record collector, a lot of people aren’t and would probably wonder what the point is in buying an LP , when you can grab in 22 minutes in full binary glory,  all nice and zipped up from Rapidshare.  The people over at Record Store Day  really do deserve commendation for their efforts.

While I’m sure 99% of music lovers have probably illegally downloaded an album at least once (let’s face it, we all have), I still maintain there’s something special about painstakingly searching through the racks of vinyl in your favourite record emporium.   It’s a chance to mingle with fellow music lovers, enjoy the music that’s been spun by the staff, find something totally unique or a record that will soon become integral to your collection and listen to or read about some unheard of  recommendations.  It’s a place that I’ll never tire of visiting.   It’s a concept I don’t think your serial downloader will ever grasp.  Death to those copy/paste mediafire blogs I say!

And it would seem Grinderman’s Jim Scavlvanos share’s these sentiments.  Find your participating local store here (there’s over 180 in the UK, alone)

Do yourself a tremendous favour and go to a record store… The relatively mild exertion of getting off your fat, computer-shackled ass and venturing out to find the object of your desire, the thrill of moving through actual space and time, through row upon row of records, and the tactile ecstasy of fondling the quested treasure—all this will augment and enrich the mental associations the music invokes in you for the rest of your life.  Source: James Sclavunos (Grinderman)

Meanwhile, Queens of the Stone Age head honcho Josh Homme has posted this amusing video in support of Record Store Day. Pres play to allow him to  ‘splain some shit to you‘:

Certain to be among the top selling special edition records is the recently announced exclusive Radiohead vinyl, which according to At Ease:

As announced Today, Radiohead will be releasing a two track 12″ vinyl on the worldwide Record Store Day. The two tracks are The Butcher and Supercollider. The latter has been played before by Radiohead on their previous live shows. Record Store Day is on April 16 and there are rumours of a limited edition of 2,000 copies. This number is most likely for one territory only.

Download a pdf file containing all of the exclusive Record Store Day releases