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Here’s something I thought I would never see, but it would appear Glasgow’s finest Mogwai are beginning to reap the commercial benefits of signing with SupPop in the USA and releasing arguably their most radio-friendly record to date in ‘Hardcore While Never Die, But You Will’.  The band performed ‘San Pedro’ live on the Jimmy Fallon show last Monday on national TV in the USA, lifted from their recent LP.  It’s probably my least favourite Mogwai record in their discography, but it still has its moments. It’s both strange and amusing to see the band look as dour as they did the first time I saw them in front of about 50 people back in 1996., proving all that money they’re now raking in hasn’t went to their heads!


A lot of news on a number of new releases from a number of killer bands including Mountains, Oneida, Thurston Moore and a new project from Fuck Buttons:

Mountains Set To Issue New LP Through Thrill Jockey

Mountains is Brendon Anderegg and Koen Holtkamp, two sonic explorers whose long history, shared philosophies, and love of sculpting sound, has resulted in some of the most densely layered and blissful music crafted in recent memory. The duo is known for obscuring the boundaries between acoustic instrumentation and electronics. Their debut Thrill Jockey release Choral was universally critically acclaimed, sold through three LP pressings, and ended up being one of the label’s best selling releases of 2009, a remarkable achievement.

LP version features alternate color artwork and is pressed on 150gram vinyl with a free download coupon. First pressing limited to 1,500 copies (1,000 pressed on black vinyl, 500 pressed on clear vinyl.



New Rock Action-Backed Project From Fuck Buttons Man References Carl Sagan

Blanck Mass is Benjamin John Power, a young musician in thrall to Carl Sagan, Ennio Morricone and the infinity of nature, both universal and personal.

His eponymous debut album, a collection of tracks loosely themed around cerebral hypoxia and the beautiful complexity of the natural world , features ten songs which were written, recorded and self-produced at home in London between Summer and Winter 2010. An interstellar journey that defies classification, revealing itself further and further with each listen; offering more with each visit. 



Oneida Complete ‘Thank Your Parents’ Triptych

Absolute II is the final piece in Oneida’s Thank Your Parents triptych of releases, begun in 2008 with Preteen Weaponry and followed by 2009’s acclaimed triple disc Rated O. With this release, the Brooklyn group concludes a challenging and profound long-term project. The Thank Your Parents triptych, totaling around 200 minutes, is intended to be listened to as a whole or in its component parts.Absolute II stands on its own, in addition to serving as a chapter in an immense whole.

The music on Absolute II is startling, rigorous and demanding. Oneida is a band that has been strongly identified with the frenetic, fluid drumming of Kid Millions and the relentless pulse of classic Krautrock, but this release contains neither audible drums nor identifiable “rock” music. The recordings move freely across accepted boundaries of rhythm, harmony, and tonality – not in the form of dramatic, willful experiment, but as a musical distillation of several themes that have emerged in the wake of Rated O’s dynamism: paralysis, entropy, stasis, possibility, and finality among them. Absolute II will be available June 7 in digital and vinyl formats. Oneida has set up a Bandcamp page which gives a complete overview of the Thank Your Parents series with audio from all three releases including Absolute II available for preview



Kling Klang are an awesome band that I had completely forgotten about, so I’m pleased to re-introduce this video of ‘Heavydale’ from their brilliant ‘Esthetick of Destruction’ album, which was issued by Mogwai’s Rock Action imprint back in 2006.  It would seem they are on some sort of hiatus and I certainly haven’t heard anything from them since I watched them absolutely blow headliners 65 Days of Static off the stage at 2007’s Triptych Festival.  This Liverpudlian quintet mix some serious Krautrock synths with hard-hitting drums and some very Sabbath-esque guitars. Also worth noting that John Peel championed this outfit before his death and they were hand-picked to support Portishead and Mogwai in 2008.

I’d definitely like to hear something new by these guys, though it doesn’t look forthcoming.  Their website, has barely any content and consists of grainy images and disconcerting sounds, while Rock Action has little in the way of news too, except that they seem to have changed their name to K**** K****.

EDIT:I got in touch with Rock Action and theyr replied:

to the best of our knowledge they’re no longer a going concern. As a result of Kraftwerk’s intervention we had to recall all Kling Klang records I’m afraid.  Joe is playing in a new band called The Left Hand though

K**** K**** are a five piece kraut-punk band from Liverpool, consisting of four synth players and a drummer. Formed in mid 1999, as a 3 piece using only cheap synths and old drum machines, they released Untitled@33rpm on the Liverpool e.p. (“…waste of plastic…” – NME) and the Vander 7” – both of which were enthusiastically received in the UK and abroad. Since then they have used every show and release as a way to explore new dynamic ways of presenting their unique sound.