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One of the main aims of this site is to promote Scottish music, particularly from my native Glasgow.  It’s a city that is a lot smaller (just over 1 million people in the greater Glasgow area) and quite close-knit in comparison to the likes of more cosmopolitan places such as London, New York and Toronto, but it has an equally interesting music scene — with lots happening and very frequently.  One band that have been on my radar for a while are three-piece Super Adventure Club.  I saw them supporting Volcano! and they more than held their own that night.  I was impressed by their quirkiness, inventive song writing and clever lyrics.  They have an odd sound that’s hard to pinpoint (trust me I’ve tried and tried), unique but with vague reference points.  As the video for smart, almost telepathic live performance of  ‘Dog With Two Dicks’ shows these two boys and one girl are an impressive live unit.

There’s a few records available via Scottish imprint Armellodie