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Here’s the brand new video from the Slash-endorsed hard-rockers The Virginmarys, lifted from the ep of the same name which I reviewed a few weeks ago.  It finds this feisty trio going in a more pop-rock direction, perhaps looking to capitalise on a Summer of playing the festival scene.  While I prefer their earlier, hard-hitting sound of the ‘Cast The First Stone EP’, this radio-friendly number still has its merits and a hook-laden chorus, it will appeal to fans of bands such as Foo Fighters.  And I can’t grudge a band that strive for a bit of commercial success, especially when they’re as talented as this bunch.


The Virginmarys certainly made an impression last time around.  Support slots with Slash, New Model Army and Skunk Anansie, have paved the way for a stint at this years Sonisphere Festival, all on the back of their excellent ‘Cast The First Stone EP’.  This newly issued EP doesn’t contain as much hard rock swagger as its predecessor, but still hits home all the same.

The title track and its following number ‘In The City’ both favour a poppier and, dare I say it, more commercial sound — which isn’t a criticism.  The former hits the ground running with a cork-screwing Foo Fighters-esque riff and frontman Ally Dickaty’s vocal hook in the chorus burrows itself into your head and refuses to let go after just a couple of listens.  In fact, Dickaty’s presence is felt throughout this EP, particularly on solo number ‘Stripped’.  Now here is a star in the making, he’s got the voice, the charisma and, most importantly, he fronts a band that has the songs.

That being said, The Virginmarys excel when they just simply rock out.  As if they’ve swallowed the whole rock ‘n ‘roll lifestyle as gospel, the bluesy stomp of ‘My Little Girl’ smacks of sheer class, particularly paying heed to the energy and telepathy of this Macclesfield trio as a live unit. At just four tracks long, ‘Just A Ride’ leaves you wanting more… much, much more.

Time for the full length album,  gentlemen!

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There’s a pretty nice outline of the band and this new EP over at the Liquid Hip, well worth checking out too

The Virginmarys first came to my attention via their excellent ‘Cast The First Stone’ EP late last year, from which the track ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ is lifted from.   Like many a classic rock band, from Hendrix to Nirvana, The Virginmarys comprise the guitar/bass/drums line-up and as this live video will attest they’re as tight a unit as you’ll ever see.  They throw every rock shape into the mix without sounding hackneyed, with notes of Free, Guns n’ Roses, Kyuss, Led Zeppelin and Uriah Heep creeping into their driving, hard-hitting sound.   Instead they come across as fresh, vibrant and clearly enjoy rocking out.  Front-man Ally Dickaty possess one of those ‘smoked 100 cigarettes a day’ voices and his guitar style is exemplary without being too flashy, backed by a solid rhythm section of Matt Rose on bass and the powerful percussive style of  Danny Dolan.  Having recently completed a tour with the reformed Skunk Anansie and supported Slash, The Virginmary’s are scheduled to appear at the Sonisphere Festival, where I’m sure they will hold their own and find new fans amongst heavyweight names such as Metallica, Mastodon and The Mars Volta.

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