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I’m trying to work out if this track from London via Paris troupe Underground Railroad is a blatant rip-off of Radiohead’s ’15 Step’ or just a homaging nod to their heroes.  Listening through their new LP ‘White Night Stand’ I’m inclined to go for the latter, as there’s a bit of eclecticism about the record.  Besides it’s pleasing to see bands take influence from Radiohead’s edgier material, than pilfering their most obvious moments, such as the way with (shudder) Keane and to a lesser extent Muse.

‘White Night Stand’ is one of those records that opens up the more you listen and I’ve found that my own appreciation of it has risen from mild indifference to itching to listen to tracks such as the deadly infectious ‘ Black Widow’.  Like I said, UR are an eclectic bunch and this LP also incorporates elements of Krautrock (‘The Russian Doll’) ,No Wave  guitar pyrotechnics, steamy and languid Shoegaze textures (‘We Were Slumbering’) and razor-sharp electronics (‘Lucky Duck’) , while the press release mentions a Liars influence, hinting of their experimental tendencies.  ‘White Night Stand’ is out now on One Little Indian and certainly worth further investigation