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99% of other reviews make a beeline for comparisons with At The Drive-In and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead with this Glaswegian quartet, and this is certainly true of tracks such as ‘Go Away, Don’t Leave Me Alone’ and ‘Dust To Light’.  I’m surprised that there’s very little mention of early Idlewild.  Not since their 1998 ‘Captain EP’ has a Scottish band combined infectious energy and youthful exuberance in such a manner.  United Fruit have a knack of melding their discordant music into something quite anthemic. Tracks such as ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘The Alarm’ portray this perfectly, shifting gears and winding the abrasive instrumentation into radio-friendly choruses, it’s an impressive trick, one that also reminds of the satisfying, ear-drum bursting dynamics of former Glaswegian Indie-Rock heroes AC Acoustics.  As too is the whirlwind, overwhelming start to ‘Confuse Her Now’ which recalls Sonic Youth at their most raucous.  Again there’s room for melody amidst the fiery, post-hardcore shouts, corkscrewing guitar interplay and breakneck speed instrumentation.

A muddy production mix means a lot of this LP loses its impact, however.  You really want tracks such as ‘Kamikaze’ and ‘Red Letter’ to overcome this, but they don’t quite make it. The vocals can be difficult to decipher especially when the band are at full stride, while the drums could do with a good bit of oomph, instead of the damp, watery sound prevalent throughout– though they’re actually kind of reminiscent to that of Sonic Youth’s ‘Sister’, so perhaps the drum sound on ‘Faultlines’ was intentional..  Production issues aside, this record is definitely worth investigating especially by those with even a passing interest in any of the bands mentioned above.  As a start this record is noteworthy, but with a prestigious slot secured for the T Break Stage at this year’s T in the Park Festival, United Fruit seem destined to go onto bigger things.


I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake here but, United Fruit are another band currently creating a splash in and around Glasgow and with new album ‘Fault Lines’ ready to go (May 30th I believe) and a UK-wide tour due to start in support of the record, things look set to get a lot busier for this quartet.   Especially since they were recently announced as one of the 16 bands to peform on the T Break stage at this year’s T in the Park Festival.  ‘Go Away, Don’t Leave Me Alone’ (posted below) whets the appetite somewhat, an incendiary slab of furious post-hardcore/post-punk.  It’s literally bursting with youthful energy and there’s a nice balance between the discordance of the swarming, razor sharp guitars and melody on this number — It is most certainly not without its hooks.  To these ears, there’s a strong connection with ‘Madonna’-era …Trail of Dead, though there’s also mention of bands such as Fugazi, Shellac, At The Drive-In and Oxes on their last fm profile and various other reviews. ‘Fault Lines’ comes on the back of the locally acclaimed ‘Mistress, Reptile, Mistress EP’ and looks set to propel these lads into a wider audience.